client, residential refurbishment, 14 aubrey walk

"It was very encouraging that Tim immediately grasped both the issues and the possibilities in relation to the house and very quickly produced some excellent drawings to illustrate his thoughts ... Tim's work was instrumental in our obtaining so much interest in prospective buyers and in being made many well priced offers... We have been happy to recommend Tim and are truly impressed with his excellent work carried out at reasonable cost"

client, extension and refurbishment, lower addison gardens

"Timothy Crum and his team at FINE architecture have recently completed major extension and refurbishment development works for us in our new home at 21 Lower Addison Gardens W14. This is FINE architecture's second undertaking of a large refurbishment for us.. Throughout the process, FINE architecture remained very attentive to our needs and the team was able to adapt and work with our best interests at heart while also 'holding our hand' professionally through the process. Their response time to enquires was excellent"

estate agent & client, peel street

"...I don’t often send out emails like this but a few months ago I asked Rupert Wiggin to recommend an ARCHITECT to help out with drawing up a scheme and a complex planning application. He recommended Tim Crum, who has been absolutely superb in every possible respect. He does a huge amount of work in this area and when I first appointed him he send me by email a few ‘thank you’ letters from clients, all glowing – and I now understand why. Recommending him will not only reflect well on us, but will also be something your clients will thank you for years."

client, gentlemen's tonic barbershops

"Gentlemen's Tonic Limited is happy to provide an extremely positive and complimentary reference for Timothy Crum and FINE architecture as a result of a number of projects the company has undertaken on our behalf to design and project manage out Gentlemen's Tonic sites in London, Dubai, Doha, Moscow, New Delhi and Hong Kong.... I would not hesitate to appoint him and FINE architecture again .."


client, residential refurbishment, cornwall gardens

"Throughout the process Tim and his team were excellent to work with .. I have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending him and his team"

client, residential refurbishment, royal avenue

"The architectural work was good and reasoned and plans were dealt with quickly and effectively and certainly coordination between various bodies such as the buildings management company and the Council for planning purposes and other members of the building was well achieved."

client, external redecorations, eaton square

"We are very pleased to note that FINE architecture exceeded our expectations and successfully navigated the project to a completion on time and on budget despite needing to be undertaken during the autumn and winter months of 2012/13.... The quality of the completed project is exemplified by the work not only fulfilling the immediate obligation to maintain the building structure but also by providing that structure with longer-term solutions that protect the investment made by our client and the residents and the property."

client, residential refurbishment, king's road chelsea

"We have been delighted with both the design and quality of service that both Timothy and his suggested contractor, REM projects, have provided... We are delighted with the project and have no hesitation in recommending the team for similar projects."

client, office conversion into 5 star hotel, bloomsbury square

"FINE architecture were able to rapidly develop a series of viable options that enabled us to test profitability for different floor configurations, room sizes and layouts ... We were very impressed with the service that FINE architecture provided us."

client, victorian school residential conversion

"Timothy's service was of an extremely high standard and of a level of detail that is unparalleled in my experience of architects... He provided this first class service for a very reasonable fee and I voluntarily increased it in recognition of his efforts."

client, residential refurbishment, wetherby place

"My wife and I have been delighted with the quality of the service that we have received from FINE Architecture ... Our expectations were managed admirably throughout the process and we encountered the minimum of inconvenience."

client, retail store, whittard of chelsea

"Timothy Crum has provided superlative service and attention to detail in the provision and coordination of comprehensive sets of concept and detailed drawings for our new flagship store at Westfield, White City."

client, mews refurbishment

"The quality of the architectural plans has been excellent and Tim has delivered plans and samples with impressive speed and punctuality ... I would have no hesitation recommending him"

client, sports leisure development

"The Pruszynski Company Ltd are happy to provide a positive reference for Tim Crum and FINE architecture. We have appointed FINE architecture to develop a Masterplan and a £60m Sports Leisure Development in the North of England ... Timothy Crum has designed the sports building .. This will be only the second building of this type in the world and Timothy has rigorously challenged the pre-conceptions of the brief to produce an attractive building of 1/3 the volume of its predecessor... we are delighted with the design and service that FINE architecture is delivering."


client, listed building works, bloomsbury square

"We have been delighted with the services that Timothy Crum has provided, which have included advice on Listed building issues, recommending and liaising with suitable property agents, co-ordinating asbestos removal and dealing with acoustic issues, as well as the permitted uses of the building. This work has enabled us to realize a substantial increase in value to the property with the successful permission granted for a change of use to residential."

reference, yorkshire television

"Timothy Crum, who was always commited, professional and fun to work with. Timothy worked very hard to help us make this happen, and showed admiral patience with our many demands and never ending requests for information."

clients and members, interior listed refurbishment of buck's club, london

"The dining room is excellent!"

"I think it's been very well done. It looks great"

"Greetings to new members.. The Buck's you have joined is improved but still Buck's..."

"It's a success I think. I managed to see the kitchen as well, got given a guided tour by Crum. Very impressive"